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          Witness ten years aluminium prosperous process of the Chinese and foreign equipment exhibitors enthusiastic exhibitors

          With the rapid development of China aluminum industry, especially aluminum deep processing industry for steel production patterns in recent years, the industry demand for aluminum processing complete sets of equipment, on-line quenching, packaging logistics equipment is more and more big. In aluminum extrusion as an example, productivity growth year after year, in 2013, China domestic production capacity is about 14500000 tons, the extrusion die, relates to the alloy ratio, on-line quenching, packaging and other multi-channel technology, and to the large-scale, precision, efficient direction, therefore, led to the purchase amount of aluminum processing equipment "blowout".
          Aluminum exhibition throughout successive, equipment field has been the highlight of the organizers, equipment has become the professional audience and buyers are most concerned about the regional. Aluminum exhibition successfully held nine sessions, has witnessed a clear track for several years the world aluminum deep processing industry of equipment development. In order to the latest equipment to display of aluminum industry, aluminum industry to assist Chinese efficient green, energy-saving emission reduction transformation, in July 9, 2014 the tenth session held in China international aluminum industry exhibition will be in Shanghai New International Expo Center, will be focusing on achievements and the latest technology development trend of aluminum processing equipment, highlighting the global aluminum industry cutting-edge equipment.
          According to introducing aluminum exhibition organizers reed Expo Group, in 2014 the exhibition site covers Guangdong Saifu, Zhejiang Qingfeng, Germany Otto Junker metallurgical equipment (Otto Junker), Pesmel company in Finland and other Chinese and foreign excellent equipment manufacturers, they will be in the exhibition show advanced, mature high-tech "weapon" to satisfy the audience.
          Aluminum extrusion profiles for temperature have stringent requirements, on-line quenching equipment to the decisive role in it. Guangdong safe equipment since its formation has been only focused on online quenching technology, on-line quenching system is the first domestic professional research and development of aluminum extrusion manufacturer, the product can meet the need of different cooling intensity of the metal, to ensure that the product mechanics performance, effectively reduce the profile deformation. Aluminum exhibition in 2014, Guangdong safe equipment exhibitors not only display the latest online quenching equipment, but also to professional buyers to provide expert a full set of solutions, the implementation of a station type service end turnkey project.
          Some of the patent technology of high efficiency and energy saving of new products and services will also debut this exhibition. Zhejiang Qingfeng environmental company 2014 heavy launch Qingfeng R134a frequency magnetic levitation oil-free centrifugal chillers, adopting the technology of AMB, no need of lubrication system, completely solve the problem of oil return Screw Chiller Driven by 10% ~ 100%; frequency conversion stepless adjustment, realize large-scale precise temperature control, start-up current of only conventional compressor 10%, coupled with the remote control technology of Caulis Sinomenii on independent research and development, so as to enable the device to realize the remote management of 24 hours. The audience will be in these enterprises Pavilion before, through a video presentation, picture information and technical personnel to the scene to introduce, on the equipment to be intuitive, system, comprehensive understanding. Foreign manufacturers to explore the Chinese market opportunities
          Aluminum exhibition previous attracted many international companies take part in, in the big background of the world economic slowdown, demand is low, the world equipment manufacturing industry turned to the burgeoning Chinese market. The German Otto Junker will also in 2014 during the aluminum exhibition, to very large square meter booth display compact OTTO JUNKER fine brush machine, fine brush tailor-made for the Chinese market, heat treatment line used in copper and copper alloy strip, also can be used for surface processing specific to the metal. Torsional rigidity design, separate drive motor bearings, washing room design corrosion resistant material, low consumption of water circulation system...... Manufacturers will design the concept of customer requirements by continuously into the fine brush machine, transfer OTTO JUNKER stream to industry scientific and technological strength, to expect the Chinese market's favor.
          The show, similar to have "landing to occupy the world industry leading companies in Finland Pesmel this". Today is March 10th, Pesmel company won from China alone, China Zhongwang Holdings Limited company ordered seven automatic packaging production line to the company. Founded in 1978, Pesmel is a company committed to a high degree of automation of logistics and warehousing and packaging solutions for international suppliers, has today from Finland to the world, the original Material Flow How? The whole factory integrated logistics packaging concept by the world wide aluminum enterprise trust, a single system is also suitable for aluminum processing industry, cold rolling, annealing, coating, slitting, crosscutting all process. Because of the layout of warehouse system many Chinese aluminum processing enterprises have yet to be developed, Pesmel exhibited intermediate automatic elevated warehouse in this exposition will be (parking) system for production process, the line between the logistics and distribution, product cache, the logistics efficiency is three times the crane plane library. Pesmel will also present the automatic packaging system, compared with the traditional method of packing, packing material saving 20%-30%, widely used in sheet, strip and sheet packing. These equipment audience views in this exhibition.
          At present, alumina, electrolytic aluminum less, aluminum processing industry contrarian, can not be separated from the support of advanced equipment. Therefore, the largest and most complete categories, aluminum show the highest level of build communication platform wins the Chinese and foreign equipment manufacturers to participate enthusiastically. It is understood that, in addition to the representative of the enterprise, there are many domestic and foreign enterprises will be at the show on heavy launch of high-tech content of aluminum equipment. Ten years of attention to the ups and downs of prosperity based on aluminum industry development, the 2014 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition will for the Chinese aluminum processing equipment to surpass the world advanced level navigation beacon light.

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